Titus, the sales chatbot &
SAM, the customer support chatbot

Proximus Group is a telecommunication & ICT company operating in the Belgian and international markets, providing services to residential, enterprise and public customers. Proximus is the leading provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services in Belgium through our Proximus and Scarlet brands.

Some time ago, we noticed chatbots becoming more and more important. We wanted to start experimenting, and Faktion had the broadest experience in this domain in the Belgian market. We defined a couple of projects to get started:

Titus was a sales chatbot on the Proximus website that helps customers with configuring their Tuttimus subscription pack. Tuttimus is a very flexible product, and that means there is a lot of configuration to do. Before the chatbot, there were too many choices and customers dropped off because the process was not clear enough. The Titus chatbot helps customers with configuring it in a very successful way: there is less drop-off and a higher conversion rate.

SAM is a customer support chatbot for troubleshooting internet or television problems. SAM enables users to do basic troubleshooting fully autonomously, including performing a “line test” to check connectivity with the modem. This used to require manual intervention from a call center agent. After performing these steps, an agent wins an average of 10-15 minutes per customer interaction, a drastic improvement with a huge ROI.

Why did you choose for Faktion?

When we started exploring the market, we met with different types of providers including large consulting providers with 3rd party tools and big tech players. Faktion had the very unique combo of having both a product (Chatlayer) and offering the integration services of it, meaning they could provide a full end-to-end solution and help us all the way. The flexibility of the Chatlayer platform to integrate with other 3rd party applications was a key differentiator because it reduced vendor lock-in drastically.

The enthusiasm of the team, their willingness to think with us and their local presence also were important factors in our decision to work with Faktion.

How would you describe the collaboration with Faktion?

The collaboration started of very smoothly. Faktion immediately brought their expertise to the table to think with us and help us refine the requirements. Faktion challenged us a lot with other possibilities and good ideas, causing us to broaden our vision of what was possible and giving us a lot to think about.

During development, every deadline was respected not only from a time perspective but also from a quality perspective. The after delivery support was always close which made us feel important. This lead to choosing to work with Faktion for other projects as well. I am thoroughly pleased with both the people as the quality of the solution.

Even though we originally started with a 3rd party NLP provider, we quickly found that their Dutch and French support was not as good as the Faktion NLP, which is why we switched. The accuracy of the models was a major differentiator there.

Because of the openness of communication and collaborative sphere, we consider this partnership more than just a contract and more as a real partnership where we continuously challenge and strengthen each other.

Because of the openness of communication and collaborative sphere, we consider this partnership more than just a contract, instead, we truly believe in our partnership as we continuously challenge and strengthen each other.

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