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Being able to rely on the best and brightest minds in an industry is a competitive advantage in the AI war on talent.
More and more companies wish to develop their own data science solutions, set up a department, or be closely involved in innovative projects based on their data. However, they often lack access to a specific talent pool of relevant expertise.

As you know, Faktion has been a leading AI service provider for over five years now. 

We successfully delivered AI projects for clients in the Banking & Insurance, Telecom, and Manufacturing industries in the Benelux with practical solutions that we further develop and implement, End-to-end.

Within this new Faktion department, we help you attract AI / ML / DataScience specialists into your organization. In this way, you adopt the necessary expertise to successfully obtain the maturity for further data innovation through consulting, secondment, and permanent recruitment.

Screened and nurtured by Faktion, every data scientist embodies the Faktion entrepreneurial and quality-oriented culture and brings passion and expertise in the domain of AI, software engineering, project management, or DevOps on board.

How does it work?

If you are looking to add external talent to your AI capability,
Faktion is the place to be.

Our solutions


Every company has to deal with changing workloads or a lack of expertise for certain projects.

In our consulting solution, we offer Faktion Data and Machine Learning talent & expertise for a period of time, from two months up to two years. We scope the role and engage the engineers with the best fit. In this period, you will have a full-time Faktion Engineer working at your company with our knowledge ticket system for feedback of the entire Faktion ML team.

Hire after consulting

Our Hire after Consulting Method is an extension to the consulting method mentioned before.

During the initial consulting period, the engineer is embedded in Faktion’s core team while working on the client’s project, and partakes in Faktion’s knowledge sharing initiatives, soundboarding sessions and technology demo meetings. This allows a gradual transition towards full onboarding and provides a head start.


We can also help companies who are having trouble finding the right AI talent for the internal team.

For these permanent positions, we help you in the searching, screening, testing, and negotiation process to find the perfect fit for the internal team.

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