Data Annotation

The quality of your annotated training data has a larger impact on the accuracy and reliability of your AI solutions than anything else. Therefore, Faktion has developed a set of specialized services for expert data labeling.

Data preparation and labeling services

Data annotation, also called data labeling, tagging, or even classification, is the process of assigning meaningful tags (i.e., labels, annotations, classes) to each data sample.

As during this phase the potential quality of the predictive model is conceived, it is one of the most critical steps in building AI-driven solutions.

With experience in data labeling for natural language, speech, sensor data, and image/video, we closely collaborate with our customers in order to ensure the correct labels are used.

In addition to using the correct labels, we ensure the labels are used correctly by introducing industry experts in this process. We have built an international network in Europe and South-East Asia of medical doctors (in various specializations), mobility experts, agricultural experts, and more.

Synthetic data generation and labeling

In case there is an insufficient amount of data to prepare and label, we use deep and machine learning approaches to generate synthetic data that mimics real-life data as closely as possible.

Synthetic / Simulated Data are documents (e.g. invoices, etc.), images, and videos created to mirror the real world. Anything from the objects of a scene, to the weather, background, even camera placement and actions can be changed. This allows for the automatic creation of millions of training documents and images already set for A.I. training algorithms, at the fraction of a cost.

Data labeling services

Text Labeling

Whether you’re training a chatbot or an OCR system, our curated data labeling professionals can accurately label text data in over 100 languages.

Image Labeling

Faktion provides a wide array of image data collection, annotation, and validation services for various machine learning applications. Using a curated network of over 100,000 qualified contributors can label hundreds of thousands of images for input into computer vision models.


Sensor Data Labeling

Having extensive experience with time-series based sensor data, Faktion teams up a team of curated data labeling professionals with industry professionals to label sensor data generated by manufacturing plants, cars, watches and more devices.

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