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AI takes the center stage as the telecommunication industry needs to keep track of the vastly changing and expanding scope of services, such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, and more; new approaches to network operations and customer experience management are required. AI hereby plays a pivotal role in improving the customer mix and reducing the operating costs.

AI in the CSP value chain improving customer journeys and operations

Improved experiences for a new generation of customers

New generations of customers expect a personalized and realtime manner of interacting with their provider.

Whether it is to proactively deal with bill-shock events, automate care conversations using personalized chatbots, or build better churn models; being able to provide a personalized customer journey is increasingly a top-of-mind priority for CSPs.

Companies that are making extensive use of AI in this field are not only reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, but are also decreasing fraud and improving operation,s which adds to their bottom line.

Increased margins through intelligent operations

Streamlining Operation Support Systems (OSS) as well as backbone infrastructures, have an immediate impact on the bottom line of a CSP. 

While infrastructure is increasingly virtualized, software-defined networks add both complexity and opportunity. Using AI to increase security, quality of service, while reducing the overall cost of the infrastructure is a field where deep and machine learning adds excellent value.

Whether a CSP wants to build self-optimizing networks (SON), where algorithms based on deep learning can optimize the quality of the network based on traffic information by region or time-zone, or deploy virtualized network functions (VNF), AI algorithms provide the means to scale, operate automatically.
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New monetization opportunities using AI

Together with 5G, IoT, and cloud computing, AI is radically reshaping the telecommunications landscape in an era of advanced digitization and rapid technological development.

These new applications and requests drastically change the future service offering of the CSP industry, where AI is a crucial driver for the digitization of incumbents.

Using AI, CSPs can build a new strategic capability, with the intent to monetize these new and future opportunities in Wholesale and Enterprise markets.

Industry focused AI Solutions

Contact us to learn how Faktion operationalizes machine and deep learning for Communication Service Providers and MVNOs.

AI Contact Center

Augment your human support workforce with conversational AI and decrease the support cost of your call center, while improving the customer support experience

Energy Management

Machine learning techniques to enable accurate forecasting, benchmarking, demand response, and anomaly detection to lower costs, improve operations, and meet energy-efficiency goals.


Leverage AI/machine learning to enable the proactive identification of customers at risk of churning, targeted cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for existing customers, and a shift to proactive vs. reactive after-sale services

Sensor Health

Ensure the operational health and optimal deployment of IOT sensor devices with machine learning, to predict sensor failures and identify sensor and network health issues with a high degree of precision

Network Performance & Optimization

Use machine learning to proactively uncover security incidents,

Predictive Maintenance

Provide planners and operators with comprehensive insight into asset risk, enabling them to maintain higher levels of asset availability, deliver high-quality network services, and reduce maintenance costs

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