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We build state-of-the-art Machine Learning solutions for you, both specific applications and SaaS platforms, as we have been doing for our focus industries and using many different types of technologies.

From business case to mission critical AI

Building AI solutions requires a fine blend of both exceptional software engineering with state of the art machine learning expertise. Faktion has both.

With years of experience in delivering AI projects, Faktion has developed a methodology that aims to please and delight our customers in a consistent manner. Our AI Delivery Methodology covers all bases while ensuring an agile method for delivering exceptional quality within budget and planning.

With attention to detail, Faktion takes into account not only the technical aspects of introducing AI-driven solutions but provide a 360-approach. Handling change management, project management, technical delivery, and training we ensure our AI solutions are able to support mission-critical processes in a secure, scalable and usable manner.

Quality. Delivered on time. Every time.

Using a 360-project approach, we blend exceptional software engineering with expert machine learning approaches, and change management best practices to ensure a timely and effective delivery of your AI solution that unlocks the power of data, and is smoothly adopted by your organization.
Faktion’s end-to-end project management methodology uses a holistic approach, and makes sure every step of the project delivery is controlled, passes the necessary quality gates and takes into account the human element of change management.

Faktion projects are governed in an agile manner so we keep a consistent and efficient rhythm and keep all project stakeholders proactively involved.
Dedicated to safeguarding your budget, timing and delivery quality is our primary concern, so you can rest assured your AI solution project is in capable and professional hands.

Start building practical solutions with a clear ROI

With a mind for economics and a heart for AI, Faktion are realistic doers by trade. We build solutions that provide tangible economic benefits and are capable of supporting the core business processes of enterprises.

Being business case driven, we make sure that the AI solutions we develop, support a tangible ROI that makes the investment justifiable for our customers.

By upholding strong collaborations with AI non-profits and academic institutions, we ensure we stay ahead of the latest and cutting edge R&D in the field of machine and deep learning, so our customers don’t have to.

And while we love to be involved in core R&D, we always steer towards a position where we are actively engaged in building practical solutions for our customers

Tap into centuries of combined expertise in AI

Having a strong legacy and expertise in the domains of Natural Language Processing, Sensor Data and Computer Vision, Faktion is capable of offering a full set of expertise in the domains of deep, machine and reinforcement learning.

Bringing an exceptional team of bright minds to your project, ensures you get the quality that Faktion is known for.

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Customer Intelligence
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Honey Badger Ventures
The team of Faktion showed to be an exceptionally talented group of developers and data scientists that performed fast and in accordance with the highest standards. I have honestly never seen such exceptional results being delivered in a short timeframe. Not to mention the open, honest and pleasant collaboration during this period.
Niels Peetermans
Managing Partner

Exceptional engineering at your service

Our extremely efficient Engineering and AI team outperforms the competition in terms of speed of execution and dedication. With a passion for technology, Faktion’s delivery culture operates at a breakneck pace, is of a high quality, and aims to exceed customer expectations.

As we understand how AI is nothing but a more efficient and effective way of soft- and hardware automation, we understand that having an extremely strong AI team is only one part of the equation.

Complementing this with a hyper-efficient software engineering and DevOps capability is where the real magic starts to happen.

Want to learn more?

As part of our online AI Academy courses, check out how Faktion combines the best of Software Engineering with Machine Learning, and explains it in an accessible format.

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