In the era of Factory 4.0, industrial, research and manufacturing environments are rapidly taking on new technologies to optimize the efficiency, quality and safety of its core business. AI plays a pivotal role in digitalizing the manufacturing industry by introducing new techniques that can be used to optimize yield, increase quality, reduce maintenance as well as ensure worker safety.

AI / ML allows to innovate across the manufacturing value chain

Optimize both quality and yield using machine learning

Faktion enables leading manufacturers to rapidly integrate data from enterprise systems, operational sources, sensor networks, and external providers to power machine learning models that generate predictive insights.

These predictive and prescriptive insights are able to address important goals such as inventory stock reduction, waste elimination due to quality defects, and generating millions in economic value annually for global manufacturers.

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Heard about predictive maintenance or digital twins, but still unsure what they are?
Have a look below.

Reinforcement Learning on Digital Twins

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Predictive Maintenance

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Ensuring worker safety in industrial environments of the future

Safety in the manufacturing industry is high-priority on every board agenda. By using computer vision and sensor data, organizations can not only reduce injuries significantly, but also automate its PPE compliance, and EHS reporting processes.

Complementing safety and compliance with access control enables a slew of additional process optimizations that will make your business and working environment, safer, more secure, and better managed at the fraction of a cost.

Being able to uncover and prevent accidents before they even happen, and ensuring a safer working environment is increasingly a compelling argument that pushes the usage of AI at the board level.

AI powered EHS solutions for manufacturing

Faktion has developed a unique set of AI solutions in the field of Environmental, Safety and Health compliance for the manufacturing industry. Read more in our solution paper.

Industry focused AI Solutions

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Predictive Maintenance

Aggregate petabyte-scale data from sensors, devices, enterprise systems, and operational systems (e.g., SCADA, OMS, GIS) to generate accurate predictions of asset failure

Inventory Optimization

Reduce inventory holding costs, improve cash flow and supply chain visibility, and increase the productivity of inventory analysts

AI Quality Control

Using sensor data and computer vision to detect anomalies and defects, hereby reducing the cost of quality control

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AI powered EHS Solutions

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