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Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Optimizing Uptime and Lifespan of Machines with Predictive Maintenance
Explore AI’s impact on machine maintenance, from gearbox data analysis to refined anomaly detection with Fourier transformations. This revolutionizes efficiency and innovation in smart manufacturing.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Throughput & Energy Optimization in the Mining & Minerals Industry
Discover how Sibelco’s sustainability efforts led to significant improvements in clay press operations through strategic partnerships and data-driven insights, shaping a greener, more productive future.
Intelligent Data Quality Optimization
Automated ETIM classification
Cebeo, a Belgian electronics distributor under the Sonepar group, partnered with Faktion to enhance data quality for reporting, product management, and commerce. This collaboration resulted in an AI system for automated ETIM search and classification.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Energy Monitoring & Optimization for Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers
Faktion’s pressure adjustments saved AOC 4.2% in monthly energy costs, efficiently optimizing RTO operations and ensuring compliance with legal emission standards.
Generative AI
Transforming Workplace Learning with AI and Neuroscience
Stellar Labs revolutionized Learning & Development by adopting MLOps, strategically pivoting with cutting-edge AI, and markedly reducing content creation time as generative AI pioneers.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Computer Vision-based Quality Inspection of Brick Slips
Wienerberger prioritizes precision in crafting brick partitions, adapting to industry changes. A 1 mm deviation impacts quality, underscoring the commitment to meticulous craftsmanship.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Inventory Management trained on Synthetic Data
Belgoprism upgraded adult toy inventory with Faktion’s AI, boosting efficiency through computer vision and weight measurement. Faktion fine-tunes for a real-world inventory revolution.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Utilizing machine learning for parameter optimization
Glanzstoff, a global yarn manufacturer, collaborated with Resultance to improve operational efficiency by reducing fiber fractures by 33% and optimizing flushing operations through data analysis and modeling.
Intelligent Data Quality Optimization
Automating sales data matching and consolidation with IDQO
An international food brand turned to Faktion for automating their data consolidation challenges involving product and customer data matching in sales data received from tier-1 wholesalers.
Intelligent Data Quality Optimization
Streamlined c-class item sourcing
GIS International, specializing in sourcing challenging C-class items for businesses, sought to enhance their services and scalability. They chose Faktion’s IDQO solution to automate manual data quality tasks and optimize data quality.
Intelligent Data Quality Optimization
Automating product classification and data quality control
SmartWithFood (SWF) partnered with Faktion to automate product classification using the ‘IDQO’ approach, reducing onboarding times for new food retailers from 2 months to under a week.
Smart Manufacturing & Maintenance
Optimizing energy consumption
Faktion helped ‘Applying AI’ on the data that was gathered at one of Wienerberger’s manufacturing facilities, allowing them to better understand and optimize the high energy consumption of their production processes.

Exploring the AI landscape

MyT Learning & MySpeech
An AI language assistant that provides live subtitles for classroom lessons in Dutch, offering support to teachers for more effective language learning goals.
RAG Output Validation
RAG, or Retrieval-Augmented Generation, transforms Language Models (LLMs) by tapping into proprietary data access. Faktion has engineered a tailored framework to scale RAG from conception to deployment. Dive into the vital domain of RAG output validation with us, ensuring precise and relevant user responses.
The Intersection of AI and the Process Industry
Faktion pioneers seamless AI integration in the process industry, optimizing operations for efficiency and excellence. Collaborations across sectors like energy optimization and food sorting demonstrate AI’s transformative potential. Join us to shape a future where industry operations are smarter and continuously evolving.
The Business Value of Retrieval Augmented Generation
Discover the groundbreaking world of RAG – a fusion of advanced AI techniques propelling businesses into a new era of efficiency and productivity. Join us as we delve into the core components and inner workings of RAG systems, unlocking the secrets behind their transformative potential.
The impact of the EU’s AI Act on responsible and ethical AI development
Discover how the EU’s AI Act influences global standards, AI service firms, and fosters a responsible AI ecosystem. Gain insights into the risk-based approach and its impact on industry innovation.
Reminiscing about the early days of chatbots, Chatlayer and this new era of GPT technology
Catch up with Pieter, former CTO of Chatlayer, now collaborating on Explore his views on chatbots, AI’s impact, and his transformative journey. (incl. videos)
Why data has become a strategic asset for your business
Modern AI, especially deep learning, excels with large datasets for complex tasks. Contrary to belief, successful projects don’t always need massive data. Explore data-centric AI in computer vision, time series analysis, and NLP cases.
Smart energy management, the answer to sustainable energy consumption
From image recognition to smart quality control, Machine Learning already helps us on many occasions. From assisting us in our everyday lives to helping us tackle the world’s most challenging problems – such as energy consumption.
Machine learning models in an ever-changing world
Discover how MLOps can automate and enhance your machine learning workflow, improve efficiency, scalability, and decision-making, and learn about Faktion’s successful implementation of MLOps in real-world scenarios.
How to deploy sensor data in chemical manufacturing
Discover how AI and ML can revolutionize the chemical industry in this blog post. We explore smart energy management, predictive asset maintenance, process control, and production simulation, all leading to increased efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced quality.
4 ML use cases which show that predictive maintenance is definitely here to stay
Discover predictive maintenance’s impact on manufacturing and transportation: component failure prediction, anomaly detection, maintenance prioritization, and asset efficiency optimization, leading to enhanced efficiency.

Knowledge Sharing

Prompt Flow in Azure ML: exploring new features
The prompt management landscape has expanded to include Azure, featuring a suite of new additions to Azure ML. Here’s a threepart blog series for those aiming to enhance their work with professional-grade tools.
Ben Burtenshaw
NLP Engineer
Crafting JSON outputs for controlled text generation
This blog delves into generating structured JSON outputs from LLMs, addressing the challenge of obtaining reliable and organized data from their outputs, while considering recent developments in the field.
Arian Pasquali
NLP Engineer
High fidelity synthetic images using GAN: Generative Adversarial Networks
GANs are pioneers in crafting lifelike synthetic images, with promising applications in computer vision, particularly in anomaly detection. Join us in delving into this intriguing realm!
Maarten Fish
ML Engineer
Timeseries anomaly detection without anomalies
Let’s explore the challenge of anomaly detection in industrial data, where normal data often greatly outnumbers abnormal data. We guide you through time series anomaly detection, even when anomalous data is scarce or absent.
Tom Eversdijk
ML Engineer

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