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What to learn from AI in Telco?

What can other industries learn from Telco, a leading industry in the domain of A.I.?

AI in the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is often considered to be the backbone of our current day economy, and while measures vary, activities associated with transportation and logistics are believed to account for up to 12% of the global GDP . The introduction of new technologies into such a widespread industry can cause disruption in our economy as a whole .

AI in the Retail Industry

Leading retail companies know that customer experience and streamlined operations are key to their success. Companies that are making extensive use of artificial intelligence (AI) are reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and profitability while improving operations.

AI in the Financial Services Industry

AI-driven solutions are becoming a competitive requirement for banks and other financial services companies. AI is delivering real value — enhancing the customer experience, improving trading and portfolio management, assessing the creditworthiness of loan applicants, and detecting potential instances of fraud and misconduct, among others.

AI powered EHS solutions

Faktion has developed a unique set of AI solutions in the field of Environmental, Safety and Health compliance for the manufacturing industry. Read more in our solution paper.


By bringing together both business experts and data scientists, we make sure that the strategy we formulate together isn’t only providing a competitive edge on paper, but is also technically actionable in operations. We therefore take pride in providing a no-nonsens AI strategy, that provides a hands-on roadmap for both business and data scientists within your organization.

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AI in Telco

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AI in Logistics

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AI in Retail

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AI in Financial Services Industry

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AI powered EHS Solutions

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