Data-driven insights on energy costs, usage and prices

In the dynamic landscape of energy management,, under the leadership of CTO Pieter Buteneers, is not merely a service—it’s a dedicated effort to streamline the intricacies of energy transition. Drawing from his experience as the former CTO of Chatlayer, a spin-off of our company, Pieter infuses with a wealth of expertise. This groundbreaking Energy-as-a-Service platform empowers consumers with near-real-time monitoring, actionable insights, allowing to leverage that information to optimize energy consumption and gain unparalleled control over their energy assets.

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Faktion’s role in bootstrapping the platform

The founder's realization that existing energy suppliers could do more initiated the journey. Instead of creating a new energy supplier, the focus shifted towards offering data-driven solutions. This strategic shift allowed to provide valuable assistance to multiple energy suppliers and businesses without the complexities of establishing a new entity.

Given the significant volume of data to be processed in order to develop a first product, was looking for a reliable partner to help. Pieter, familiar with our capabilities, went back to his roots and approached Faktion. The two parties teamed up to bootstrap a first product for’s customers, ensuring optimal data quality as a robust base for further scalability of the platform.

Faktion’s unique fusion of AI and software engineering

Faktion distinguishes itself by combining the ‘hot-stuff’ in the AI landscape with proper software engineering, allowing to bridge the gap between the two. Faktion’s productization approach ensures that customers end up with a fully operational and usable product that can be deployed in production.

Pieter’s insights and advice for sustained corporate growth

Pieter’s main advice for big companies is to innovate, following Steve Job’s popular mantra: “Start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” Pieter also pleads for acceleration. Don’t wait until somebody else runs away with your idea or your customers.

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