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What started as a necessity due to Covid for leading glass producer Sprimoglass, grew out to a full fledged application that bridges time registration and payroll: Chroligo. From facial recognition to overtime and absence management. Smart planning of people, shifts & workplaces and all this translated in a self service app for our workforce.


We translated their business needs first into a project, which is now a SAAS-platform that can be rolled out in any production or manufacturing environment. Find out more about this all-in-one solution for manufacturing workplace management.

Why did Sprimoglass choose for the Chroligo application?

Sprimoglass is a manufacturing company. Fluctuating manpower is required depending on the amount of orders from its clients. In 2021, Sprimoglass was still using outdated ways of working to define the workload, the amount of people needed per department and staff attendance (Excel files, low reliability system to define entrance/exit time, manual encoding by HR dpt.).

Chroligo enabled Sprimoglass to centralize and modernize their ways of working in terms of staff planning, attendance control and payment aspects. Practically, based on the sales requirement, the management defines the precise amount of resources needed per workplace to reach productivity targets. The front line management (Team Leaders) then allocates a worker on each workplace based on his/her skills in order to produce what has been validated.

Thanks to the combination of Chroligo and a facial recognition system, the individual entrance and exit time are precisely recorded in the data base. That data base is directly linked to the payment system. As a results, each worker has a precise overview of his/her services (extra hours, early departures, etc.) prior to his paycheck. The Chroligo system finally benefits all the different actors : Management, Supervisor, Workers, HR dpt.


A detailed overview of your complete workforce based on individual skills and competencies. Each collaborator has his/her individual record containing all the necessary information related to that person: Contract type + start date, employee number, number of leave days, acquired skills related to workplaces, absences, punctuality,...


A 3 step planning concept in a user friendly environment putting the right level of responsibility in your organisation.

Step 1: Employees can indicate themselves when they are available to work, when they are on leave or when they are absent, with the self-service-application. The HR departments only have to validate these requests.

Step 2: The operations departments plans what workplaces (machines, production lines, etc) need to be operated when and with how many collaborators per workplace.

Step 3: The AI planning engine proposes the optimal workforce planning, based on the available collaborators with the right skills for the indicated workplace. A validation by the team leads finalises the planning.


Automatic link with your payroll administrator (Sociaal Secretariaat) translating performance into pay. Based on your working regime and work agreement we translate the actual performance of your collaborators into payment instructions for your payroll administrator that can be uploaded without manual input is required. This avoids double data entry and potential errors.

Advantages of Chroligo

1. The platform is easy to use and easy to configure. After an initial setup you are able to add, adapt the tool to your preferences.

2. Through API’s and datalinks Chroligo can easily be connected to any other Tool, BI and / or ERP allowing to create dashboards to track individual, department and company performance.

3. The Chroligo app allows for the collaborator to be up to date with his/her planning for the coming days and weeks. He/she can ask leave days and keep track of his/her outstanding leave days.

4. By being the missing link between People, Planning and Pay, Chroligo saves time, money and putting the responsibility of performance where it should be.

What was the outcome of the project?

Julien Wart, COO Sprimoglass: "Chroligo is a modern tool that provides me with a peace of mind that planning is under control. I want the right amount of skilled people per department to avoid extra cost while ensuring the production targets. On top of that, the management has more ownership on the planning and the productivity targets. The workers now have a more transparent view and direct access to relevant information. Long story short, an IT tool that truly supports the business."

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