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The Faktion Academy is a training institution that teaches expert level courses in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and ML Architecture.

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Thursday, July 16, 2020 (10:30 – 12:00 CET / 16:30 – 18:00 SGT)

Get inspired by the possibilities of combining AI and RPA to fully automate your document flows, end to end.

Many organizations process large volumes of information captured in documents daily. Invoices, CVs, KYC documents, contracts, quality reports, technical documentation, and orders, to name a few. Processing the information from these documents into other systems is often still a manual, time-consuming, and tedious job.

During this webinar, we’ll demonstrate the possibilities of combining artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA) to automate your document processing flows entirely. After briefly explaining the difference between both technologies, and how they complement each other, we’ll go hands-on and show you a live demo to give you a tangible insight into the benefits and features.

  • Joris Van Ostaeyen – Chief Strategy Officer at Robonext.
  • Niels Van Weereld – VP of Business Development at Faktion.
This event welcomes attendees in different time zones
  • Schedule in Central European Time Zone: 10.30h – 12h
  • Schedule in Singapore Time Zone: 16.30h-18h

Company tailored courses

If you or your company would benefit from a custom tailored, on-site and/or dedicated training, please inquire details with our sales team at info@faktion.com or +32 3 500 87 09.

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Machine Learning for sensor data
The Beacon, Antwerp
Seats available
€ 4.500
Transformers and their friends in NLP
The Beacon, Antwerp
Seats available
€ 4.500
MLOps for ML Engineers
The Beacon, Antwerp
Seats Available
€ 3.000
* Due to the physical distancing measures mandated by the fight against the COVID19 virus, the location of a course might be changed to a virtual live class. In this case, a 20% reduction in course cost will be automatically applied and participants will be notified of the change at least two weeks in advance. ** All amounts are in EUR, excluding VAT.
The Natural Language Processing course was a perfect balance between a summary view of the NLP journey with its modeling approaches over time and some technical details, plus a practical business view on real-world applications.​
Claudia Burgard
Senior Data Scientist

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