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Blending machine learning expertise with industry experience, we use machine learning to drive business value

Actionable vision on Artificial Intelligence

We firmly believe that AI holds little value unless it is applied and operationalized to support, and surpass, the business objectives of our customer.

This means that we consider AI as an economic accelerator for organizations, rather than an innovative technology. We successfully combine deep industry experience with AI expertise to operationalize and productize AI-driven software and hardware solutions.

A mission to operationalize AI

We build AI embedded solutions for scale. By combining both Machine Learning expertise with traditional software engineering mastery, we deliver AI solutions that actually work, scaled to the size of your organization and integrated with your IT systems. Faster and more effective than you imagined possible.

Productization as a differentiator

In order to better service the commoditizing market needs at scale, and to empower our customers, we productize recurring AI challenges by creating standalone products that are widely considered best-in-class. By spinning off mature and enterprise-graded products we aim to please and delight organizations worldwide by making powerful AI solutions accessible in an easy-to-use manner.

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