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#Interact is a product, developed by Proximus allowing companies to easily manage all customer conversations. Whether it is through email, Twitter, Facebook or Whatsapp all channels can be managed from within just one application; #Interact. Faktion supports Proximus on the continuous development of this intelligent live-chat support system for contact centres. In turn, Faktion and Chatlayer are active resellers of their product.

What is -in your own words- the problem that we helped solving, what were you looking for when we started working together?

It is not a secret: the new generations are challenging the way companies engage with their customers.

Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp… have become the channels new generations use to daily exchange with their friends and family. And they expect to be able to do the same with companies. It is thus essential for companies to have the right tools and appropriate structure to manage such interactions.

Our sense of purpose at Proximus is to open up a world of digital opportunities so people live better and work smarter. Therefore, Proximus was looking for a way to support our business customers to efficiently engage with their customers on social media and messaging apps, going beyond traditional telco communication channels. We were looking for a partner to develop and support a tool enabling our business customers to do so.

How did you experience our collaboration?

Faktion was a true partner throughout the entire process. They have supported us going from concept and business functionalities towards end-to-end implementation through in-depth research on technical possibilities and efficient implementation strategies. They also did not hesitate to challenge us when needed. It was nice to see that both Proximus and Faktion have the same objective: to deliver a smart tool that could easily evolve in the future.

It was not always an easy road: Proximus and Faktion have sometimes very different ways of working (linked to the company size, processes and culture). However, Faktion has always understood this and have adapted when it was necessary.

Faktion has surprised more than once Proximus in their hard and rigorous work and their reactivity. They have for sure understood what customer-centricity means.

Did we deliver on your expectations? Are you happy with the results?

Yes! Experience has shown us that launching a new product can be difficult. We were pleased to see a limited number of bugs as well as flexibility and reactivity from your side in solving them.

Faktion has surprised more than once in their hard and rigorous work and their reactivity. They have for sure understood what customer-centricity means.

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