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AI-specialist Faktion en glasproducent Sprimoglass lanceren HR Software platform

Met succesvolle spin-offs als Metamaze en Chatlayer is AI-expert Faktion niet aan haar proefstuk toe. Hun meest recente oplossing is een AI-platform dat de naam Chroligo kreeg. Het platform kwam tot stand door een partnerschap tussen Faktion en specialist in vlakglasverwerking Sprimoglass. Chroligo automatiseert manuele functies binnen HR die de efficiëntie en productiviteit ten goede komen.

Bridging the gap between academic AI data research and business applications

Howest & Faktion announce an exclusive partnership to amplify knowledge validation and talent transfer. The partnership strives to boost both partners’ efforts to deliver market-driven and applied research in the field of AI & Data Science. By this talent & knowledge exchange, the partnership brings much-needed collaboration between the academic and the business world for SMEs and large multinationals.

Faktion and Robonext announce new partnership

Belgian scale-ups Faktion and Robonext announce their partnership to combine the strengths of two transformational technologies: Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This will help organizations go beyond automating rule-based business processes and infuse intelligence in their robotic workforce: “Software robots will take up ever more complex and cognitive tasks.”

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