StartAI: turning data assets into improved business practices

StartAI: a brand new 3-day format of AI strategy & discovery workshops.
An initiative from VLAIO and Agoria focused on discovering the value of data and opportunities for AI in the context of your organization specifically. 

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What to expect…


  • Hands-on & highly personalised coaching for your company, by Faktion AI-specialists
  • Identifying and mapping of feasible use cases with impact for your company, including the quick win(s)
  • Collaborate with our AI and data experts and tap into our industry experience and best practices

Faktion is a recognized partner of Agoria to guide your company in this initiative. We are proud of our numerous references where we have kick-started and accelerated AI capabilities and built AI organizations for our clients and spin-offs (Chatlayer and Metamaze).





It’s a no-brainer, because…


  • 70% subsidized by VLAIO
  • No specific level of digital maturity is required
  • Multiple stakeholders in your company can participate in the coaching
  • You start with discovering and scoping of AI opportunities and co-create the roadmap towards value creation: bottom line improvement, top line growth and business insights
  • The deliverable: a use case roadmap for your company, considering strategic relevance, data assets, opportunity size, investment level, feasibility, and impact
  • Alone you can go fast, together you can go far: tailored guidance on your AI journey by our experienced AI professionals





But wait, first an A.I. Healthcheck!


You can already assess the A.I. maturity within your company, with our easy online tool. We have compiled 12 questions on 4 important domains.


Start the test






Make sure you leave your details, so we can send you the results.


The results include a clear overview of the current state within your company. This is the perfect starting point to define the right A.I. strategy and to create a roadmap tailored to your company.





Why StartAI?
Only a quarter of Belgian companies are currently using AI to leverage their data assets and improve decision-making.


The other 75% are not yet reaping the benefits of AI. These are mainly small businesses and SMEs, while they can experience the greatest positive impact with AI adoption. The main reason appears to be the lack of knowledge and AI-expertise.


Tap into our industry experience and collaborate with our AI-experts to kick-start or accelerate your AI journey.



A.I. top performers are 3X more likely to report revenue gains over 10%.


of executives believe A.I. must be leveraged to achieve growth objectives.


still struggle with autonomously starting & scaling A.I. efforts.




  • Any SME (max. 250 employees), organisation or association, starting or established, regardless of its digital maturity or sector.
  • Companies that want to discover and understand opportunities for AI in a realistic way
  • Companies that want to start with AI but don’t know where and how to start
  • Companies that want to leverage their available data assets
  • Companies with a limited amount of data and with the ambition to become data-driven




StartAI is focused on supporting companies to discover and evaluate applications for AI in your company. If your company is eligible, (y)our team will:


  • Deep dive into the available data and identify feasible use cases with impact
  • Share best practices to evaluate possible AI projects for your company
  • Map out the use case roadmap in detail so you are ready to take the next step in your AI journey

Our assessment could lead to the conclusion that there are currently no relevant use cases for AI in your company, and that’s OK. In this case, we will focus our guidance on further data collection, data governance and potential data endeavors for the future.




Faktion’s services will cover three full days (including preparation, analysis, reporting).

The coaching sessions can be organized on-site or remotely.


Companies that are interested have to register before may 15th  .

Don’t worry, we can do this for you.

The coaching will take place between June 1st end September 30th.




The participation cost is €1625 excl VAT, the other 70% is funded by VLAIO and Agoria.






You can register via the healthcheck.


No need for the healthcheck, or rather looking for more information?

Contact us by filling in the form below.







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