MyT Learning
& MySpeech

An AI language assistant that provides live subtitles for classroom lessons in Dutch, offering support to teachers for more effective language learning goals.

An AI Copilot, helping both students and teachers
in multilingual classrooms

In collaboration with KdG Hogeschool, our visionary project, supported by the Amai! fund, has laid the foundation for innovative learning experiences.

We are actively seeking additional partners to collaborate and bring this vision to the next stage.

MyT Learning

Enhance learning opportunities during lessons with live Dutch subtitles
Enabling students to acquire subject matter and language more rapidly through a combination of spoken and written input.


Benchmark lessons on various language aspects, including pronunciation, grammar, and tone
Empowering teachers to enhance language development, resulting in differentiated lessons that yield greater learning gains for students.

The AI-assistent Aico

Personalized support for students without burdening teachers.
Teachers benefit from enhanced oversight and insights through Aico’s feedback.
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Solutions for everyone at all times, without any additional effort

Shared Objective: Facilitate the rapid acquisition of Dutch for non-native students, mitigating language proficiency challenges during the study of other subjects.
Our focus is on supporting teachers in effectively instructing multilingual classes.

MyT Learning

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*Video is in Dutch


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