Our spin-off Metamaze elected as Tech Start-up of the Year 2022

A grand title, carried with great pride since last night. Remember… “We keep going for olympic records, by building AI driven platforms.” Just a few weeks ago, our two spin-offs Metamaze & Chatlayer by Sinch were recognized by Gartner. Already a new great record, of course we’re happy to spread this joy.

“The past year and a half have been a roller coaster. Our team doubled in the last couple of months and we onboarded a lot of new big names to our client portfolio. This award is a recognition to the entire team for their hard work, but mostly for their passion that undoubtedly is reflected in the result of their work. Our mission is crystal clear: we want to eliminate mind-numbing, repetitive data-entry work and give people back the qualitative jobs they deserve. This mission is rooted deep into the foundations of our company and within the hearts of every Metamaze team member.


The jury was also very enthusiastic about the way we developed our platform. To say it with their words: “Innovative technology that can make a huge impact on organization’s processes, packed in a low-code platform that enables everyone to put the magic of Artificial Intelligence at their fingertips.”. Of course, the validation of our platform has been proved in customer projects and the ROI and impact it has on their bottom-line and customer-employee satisfaction. But… we can’t deny that taking this award home is validation for first our platform, and secondly, the way we run our business and the hard work everyone has put into it.


We will continue giving our all. But first, we’ll have a little celebration party with the team.”

Niels Van Weereld, CEO Metamaze
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Congrats, guys. Enjoy the party!

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