Faktion CTO becomes European CTO of the Year

Antwerp (Belgium) – Out of over 100 candidates across Europe, Faktion’s Chief Technology Officer, Joeri Van Steen has been awarded CTO of the Year 2019.

Already recognized as the fastest-growing Artificial Intelligence scale-up of 2019 at the DI Summit 2019, Faktion continues to strengthen its reputation as a trusted and high-quality A.I. solution provider in the European region by having its co-founder and CTO awarded as CTO of the Year 2019. It is the first time since its inception in 2014 that a Belgian wins the prestigious prize.

“While being a great personal honor, I consider this to be an award for the entire team of software engineers and data scientists that work relentlessly and passionately on our technology. I will make sure to give it a special place in our office.” – Joeri Van Steen, founder and CTO Faktion


As a former professor, Joeri Van Steen’s unique hands-on leadership has earmarked and infused Faktion’s A.I. solution engineering capability with a stimulating culture of knowledge sharing, promoting efficiency in software engineering, and cultivating a unique eye for quality to the craft of building A.I. solutions.



Productization as differentiator

Faktion’s outspoken competitive advantage is the extremely efficient capability and process of incubating and productizing machine learning algorithms into robust, secure, and profitable A.I. solutions in short timeframes.



Faktion Incubation Program

Governing the Faktion Incubation Programs, Joeri has had a direct impact on outfitting Faktion’s spin-offs with the technology and culture to become solution leaders on its own and is also frequently asked to support strategic customers in their cultural turnarounds of software delivery teams.


“Joeri is the living proof that being hands-on is the right way to manage a team, still often coding himself and leading by example. We don’t talk. We execute. Efficient and with quality. That’s what’s so cool about the exceptional culture that’s been established.” – Jos Polfliet, VP of Applied A.I.



An award for the team

This award is a proof-point to the success and the execution of the vision of the founding team, and a well-deserved token of appreciation for the embodiment of the company’s values by its CTO, Joeri Van Steen, and the passionate development and machine learning team working at Faktion.



About Europe CTO of the year Award 2019

CTO of the Year award is a platform to promote the importance of technology and innovation in Europe. The award is given to the most prominent technology leaders of highly successful European companies: people who are inspiring leaders and technology managers with foresight. Previous winners include Ric Parker (Rolls-Royce), Martin Curley (Intel), Ian Roberts (Bühler) and Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux (Solvay).


“Europe needs to celebrate those who advance technology and innovate. Initiatives like the “CTO of the year award” are very welcome as they lead to role models and further strengthen innovation in Europe.” – Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

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