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Transformers and their friends in NLP

This course is about using state-of-the-art techniques for building Natural Language Processing models

Course outline

General concepts

  • Tokenisation, parsing, …
  • Embeddings and transfer learning
  • Labeling data correctly

Deep Learning Architectures

  • LSTM
  • Contextualized String Embeddings using the ELMo model
  • Attention mechanisms
  • Transformer architecture
  • BERT model
  • BERT’s derivatives and when to use them

Case studies and exercises

  • E-mail automation
  • Document information extraction
  • NLP for search

Course level



Course teachers

Aleksandra Vercauteren, PhD
Head of NLP

Kaja Zupanc, PhD
Senior NLP Engineer

Course fee

EUR 4.500 excl. VAT

Included in course package

The Natural Language Processing course was a perfect balance between a summary view of the NLP journey with its modelling approaches over time and some technical details, plus a practical business view on real-world applications.

Claudia Burgard

Senior Data Scientist at Stepstone

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Transformers and their friends in NLP


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