Share memories with friends and groups

Exchange images and videos that spark memories and engagement

Lifetime allows you to share, structure and filter photos and videos with the people you choose, in private communities. 

as private as can beas public as you like

The pictures you take are meant to be shared. Most of the time, at least. Not necessarily with the entire world. Sometimes just with friends, family, the company, your organization, or the event you attend.


among friends


with family




on event

comfortably intelligent

Send an entire collection of picturesCollect only the pictures you want

Thanks to the powerful AI inside, you can quickly filter the content that matters to you most. This smart filter engine recognizes objects, faces, colors, and will even stack similar pictures so you can easily browse through only valuable content.

Blurred pictures?Let them disappear!

Uncle Parkinson in the house? And he is sharing his entire library (again)? Don’t worry! The smart filter knows the difference between an artistic bokeh and plain camera motion. That uncle knows how to take pictures though, and now you can just see his best shots!

You don’t mind a little blur on your favorite subject? Then you can always get back to the entire collection. If he shared it, then there must be a reason someone will like it! If that reason is you, then we won’t hide it.

Available for everyone

easy to access and to use via a web browserso anyone can join and contribute

Sharing pictures doesn’t require registration or exposing personal information. You don’t even need to leave an email address if you don’t want to. Lifetime offers a solution that works seamlessly and respects your privacy.

Whether you use Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger, or you’d like to share by SMS or email… you aren’t tied to any communication channel at all. And if you’re standing next to each other, scanning a simple QR code is sufficient to share the moment at full emotion.

Yes, sharing pictures becomes as safe as transferring money. Finally!

Why did nobody come up with this idea any sooner, you say? We know you do, as we did too. And that’s why we built Lifetime for you.


Smart computer vision helps you cluster media just the way you want to.


to the future

This is the beginningof an entirely new way of remembering

All right, sherlock!

where's the money?

When it all looks “too good to be true” it must be too good to be true. Isn't it? 

Indeed. No sane person in the world would provide a valuable service completely for free, without any return. Lifetime doesn’t feast on private information, doesn’t request any money, and even lets you use cloud space and futuristic AI algorithms on expensive servers… What’s the catch?

Well, we do request money. From advertising that fits your profile. We won’t brutally force ads on your screen and entirely reduce the experience. (We explained to our advertisers why this is a bad practice.) Instead, we provide advertising as a service; we propose interesting products that align with your interest, based on the content of your images. Companies are willing to pay big bucks to show their products only to just these people who have an undeniable interest in these products… And because the ads aren’t intrusive in any way, they aren’t perceived as annoying to the user… to you. Everybody wins!

Besides that, we also offer upgraded features at a fair price. While we are committed to remaining free with our main services, we also provide a couple of benefits to users who deliberately share personal information. And we supply premium features with a subscription; with benefits beyond comparison to other providers.

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