emotional interaction

bring localized sharing to your audience

Provide a contained – semi-public – channel to exchange media and interact with those people you are involved with. Promote them as your ambassadors by providing them the opportunity to showcase your product or service in an authentic, life-like fashion.

Collective inboxContagious showcase

a tribal connection

Distribute a unique and context-specific touchpoint to interact with your audience in an engaging atmosphere.

This doesn’t have to be a one-way street. You can creatively bring perks to people who join the contribution flow as well, turning an already fun activity into a rewarding opportunity!

On top of this, it allows you to inject your own communication/advertising into a stream of highly consumable media.


intelligent media curation with human-in-the-loop insurance

When we’re talking about automated media broadcasting, will it be *Safe For Work?

We’re sure this feature is absolutely going to be thoroughly tested by a lot of volunteers! Any inappropriate imagery – and you define what’s considered inappropriate – will stay hidden from public exposure or won’t even reach the inbox. And “just in case”, we add a clear overview of the broadcast queue so a human supervisor is always able to intervene in time.

enterprise pipeline


media collection

Invite people to connect to a shared inbox with print or digital advertising. It’s as simple as scanning a QR code to share any media files.


media curation

Footage can automatically be verified according to custom rule-based moderation. A powerful AI engine is able to categorize and filter all incoming files.


human in the loop

Before distribution, especially on broadcast, we bring human supervision to the output queue. “Just in case” any inconvenient material might slip through.


multiple output API’s

Collected images can be sent to any output, after filtering and optionally distributed according to content clustering rules.

commercial use cases

Sharing is the core. Though you can augment it with information, contests, feedback, ...

Music Festivals & Concerts

Business Fairs & Conventions

Public Events & Manifestations

Local Parties & Social Occasions

Theme Parks & Exhibits

Tourism & Travel Agencies

authentic, rich

content creation

massive crowdsourced media

Lifetime offers a unique, safe, and legit channel to turn volunteering contributors into your brand ambassadors. By accessing the media-inbox, you can agree on predefined conditions with the public regarding further usage of their material and how you might optionally reward their efforts.

get insights

from user behavior

a picture is worth a thousand words

What we can read in people’s pictures says a lot more than any review would be able to do. Not biased by any reasoning, you’re able to know how people feel, what people like, and how they interact in reality. With the right intelligent algorithms, you might even detect attributions, likes, and aspirations beyond first sight.

partner your way into

an even bigger return on investment

Your newly created channel of interaction with a committed user base can become a valuable advertising platform to suppliers with a common interest. By allowing them access, you could already be making money from the investment that returns so much more.

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